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High Flow and Low Apparent Density Copper Powder Preparation Technique


Morphology of porous spherical copper powder, has a low apparent density of <2.4 g / cm3, -200 mesh powder flow rate of 27s / 50g and is a strong antioxidant. It can be used for powder metallurgy, electric power carbon products, electronic materials, metal coating, as a chemical catalyst, a filter, heat pipe mechanical and electrical parts and electronic field of aviation.

Electroplating Grade Basic Nickel Carbonate Preparation Techniques

碱式碳酸镍Nickel-containing electroplating waste is prepared to produce basic nickel carbonate plating grade products which contain a low sulfur content (SO42- <350ppm), low sodium content (Na <60ppm), and a nickel content > 52.26%. It can be used for catalyst, electroplating, ceramic and other industries .

Preparation of Low Cost Feed Grade Basic Zinc Chloride

饲料级碱式氯化Our company uses zinc containing flue ash to prepare feed grade basic zinc chloride products. The benefits of this technology include low cost and the main desirable content of the product is > 98.5%. It contains zinc > 59%, arsenic < 0.0003%, cadmium < 0.0005%, lead < 0.0005%, and insoluble matter < 0.5%, it meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T22546-2008.

The Preparation Process of Basic Zinc Carbonate Containing Zinc Complex Solution

碱式碳酸锌Our company uses a zinc sulfate and zinc chloride mixed solution to prepare basic zinc carbonate products. The benefits of this technology include low cost, good dispersion without agglomeration, contents containing Znic > 57%, chlorine < 0.05% and sulfate < 0.2%. This product is a sandy texture. It can be used to prepare active zinc oxide and feed grade zinc oxide.

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