//Qualification Certificates

Qualification Certificates

Our company has many certificates: we have a Guangdong hazardous waste operation license, a state environmental protection operation certificate for our facility, a Shenzhen Municipal hazardous waste operating certificate of technical qualifications, a Shenzhen environmental protection engineering and technical qualification certificate, Shenzhen city road dangerous cargo transportation permits and a number of dangerous waste management related qualifications.

Our company has an ISO14000 environmental management system and an OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system. We have been classified in “Shenzhen high-tech enterprises ” and in the “national high-tech enterprises”. Since 2003, we have won “China’s environmental protection industry backbone enterprises” and “Guangdong province environmental protection industry backbone enterprise” titles many times. A backbone enterprise meaning that the nation or province views a company as vital to the environments protection.

Qualification Certificates

Hazardous Waste Operating Permit

Guangdong Province Pollutant Discharge Permit

Environmental Pollution Control Facilities Operating Qualification Certificate


Road Transport of Dangerous Goods License

Transport Safety Standardization Certificate

Shenzhen Environmental Protection Engineering and Technical Qualification Certificate

Guangdong Province Strict Control Waste Disposal License

Honor Certificates

National High-Tech Enterprise

China Environmental Protection Backbone Enterprise

Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise

 Futian District Production and Operation Unit Safety Production Class A Enterprise

2008 Top Ten Enterprises in Shenzhen Development of Circular Economy

Shenzhen Circular Economy Demonstration Project

 Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Outstanding Demonstration Project

Shenzhen City Transportation Industry Emergency Support Team

Hygienic Manufacturing Enterprise

National Environmental Protection Model City Working Review Advanced Unit

Drainage Standards Community

Shenzhen Engineering Research and Development Center

Received Second Place Award for Shenzhen Science Progress (recycle electronic stencil etching waste)

Received Third Place Award for Shenzhen science and Technology Progress (Waste utilization technology of nickel-cadmium secondary battery plates in nickel and cobalt cadmium)

Received Third Place Award for Shenzhen science and Technology Progress (Recycling technology of ammonia etching waste liquor in printed circuit board industry)

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