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Interpretation of the company’s logo

The image of the logo with the letter units is made up of the beginning letters of Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Treatment. This convention in line with international principles and representing the local enterprise’s culture is styled with a strong modern sense.

The logo shape with its smooth linear form and outward sweeping lines is a metaphor of Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Treatment. As a forerunner of the times, SHWT’s board space for sustainable development will help provide long-term vitality, which also embodies the modern business form and direction of development.

Using red is in line with the international trend, it is eye-catching, effective and separated from other similar industries, and gives a warm and hot feeling. The red evokes memory of China’s ancient legend “Phoenix Nirvana” where a new life is transformed from fire and applies this same idea to our company’s waste recycling process.

The logo’s design is dignified, generous, eye-catching in a way that easily stays in a viewer’s memory and possesses concept unity. The logo also explains corporate culture and the future development which has unlimited potential.

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