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Detection and Sorting

The analysis and detection of hazardous waste (including environmental monitoring) has important significance for the safety, environmental protection, efficiency, cost and recycling utilization of hazardous waste management and treatment.

As the first domestic hazardous waste disposal unit, we have nearly 30 years of experience in exploration and practice in analysis and detection. Our company has accumulated a rich collection of samplings, which supplied us with experiences in storing, preprocessing, identification and analysis of detection, and environmental monitoring. Our company has standardized analysis laboratories and a variety of international advanced large-scale analytical instruments and equipment. We have made 24 formulations which meet our nation’s and the general industry standards. These promote hazardous waste industry technical progress.

With the development of our company’s production and scientific research, our analysis and testing department has grown into a separate but wholly owned subsidiary of our company, Shenzhen Accurate Testing CO. LTD.


Our Detection Business Scope


The sorting process is necessary to ensure a safe process of hazardous waste treatment, to improve the utilization rate of waste, to reduce the processing difficulty and the cost of treatment.

After receiving waste, sorting workers inspect and sample (analyze) waste, according to the waste card information and hazardous waste transfer list, which supplies information and the characteristics of waste. Then they do detailed classification, diversion or temporary storage of waste according to the category, content and characteristics of the waste. Strict inspection can prevent the hazardous waste contact and mixing and the occurrence of fire or even explosion accident.

Waste Pit ->Preliminary Identification and Classification of Waste For Sorting ->Compliance Verification ->Samples Detection ->Characteristics and Content Analysis and Verification ->Classification Processing

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