//Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Corporate Mission

Take Environmental Protection As Our Mission, and Transform the Waste to Resources

Interpretation: Based on Shenzhen’s economic sustainable development, we insist on improving the environment and treating industrial hazardous waste well, to achieve the goal that social, environmental and economic benefits would work together.

Management Principle

Service is Our Business

• Providing active, thoughtful, on time and customized service.

• Achieving the goal of improving the environment and sustainable development through satisfying customers’ requirements.

• Environment is also a customer, we constantly meet present and future needs of the environment.


•Insisting on the principle of “Reduce, Recycle, Harmless”, we make it a priority to treat hazardous waste with the enterprise’s internal resource and promote the reduction of hazardous waste outside the enterprise.

• Insisting on managing and treating hazardous waste completely in order to prevent secondary pollution.

• Developing and using more advanced, useful and effective techniques.

Integrate Three Benefits

• Insisting on “First environmental, then social and then economic benefits”

Innovation and Development

• Innovation is the basic power of our enterprise’s development

• Promoting and improving the culture of management

• Keep exploring and developing new models for operation and management.

Environmental Policy

1、Establish and maintain a management system that prioritizes health, safety and the environment to control the hazardous waste management process (receiving, shipping, storage, utilization, treatment and disposal) and to reduce health and safety risk, environmental risk, avoid major accidents and the occurrence of environmental incidents to protect the health and safety of personnel, to ensure that the surrounding community and the natural environment are not harmed due to the fault of the company.

2、Compliance with the relevant national and local health, safety, and environmental laws.

3、Continue improving employees ‘soft skills, technical skills and their awareness of laws, safety measures and best practices for environmental protection in order to achieve the goals of full participation, safety and sustainable development.

4、Connecting and exchanging information with the government and the public, accepting guidelines and being transparent in their practices, and striving to improve the management level in order to service society better.

Quantity Policy

1、Continuously improving the standard of industrial waste treatment in order to meet regulatory requirements, provide enterprise satisfaction, produce government and public satisfaction with our standard of treatment, and overall utilize waste products to meet the national standards and satisfy customers.

2、Communicate effectively with the government, the public and other enterprises or customers.

3、Continuously improve all employees’ soft skills, professional skills, legal and quality awareness to ensure a continuous and effective quality management system.

4、We focus on daily equipment and facilities maintenance because the equipment and facilities are of great importance to production and service.

5、We continuously improve our management standard and our technology for handling waste, in order to achieve the goal of producing qualified products and providing good service.

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