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Security Landfill

Hazardous Waste Safe Landfill Site A hazardous waste landfill, which has a landfill capacity of 400 thousand cubic meters, was founded in 1995. It is the first domestic design in China and meets the international standards of hazardous waste landfill. Using seven systems to prevent "secondary pollution"

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The processing capacity of the medical waste incineration facilities is up to 30t/d the emission of waste gas meets the GB18484-2001 standard. The processing capacity of the hazardous waste incineration facilities is up to 30t/d, the emissions of the waste gas meet the European 2000/76/EC EU standard. Hazardous Waste Incineration Disposal

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Non-hazardous Treatment

The Treatment of Heavy Metals Wastewater This treatment can effectively remove the heavy metals, suspended solids and organism in the wastewater, in order to come up to the discharge standards. Some pictures of production facilities The Treatment of High-concentration Organic Wastewater (1) –“Flotation-Fenton-Biochemistry-Reverse Osmosis”process

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Treatment and Disposal

 Treatment and Disposal Principle 1. Develop green manufacturing technology, now the production processes reduce waste and reduce the toxicity of waste. Our technology adheres to the “reduction, recycle, nontoxic” principle, the priority of hazardous waste to the resources, promote the reduction of hazardous waste, and the protection of hazardous waste completely harmless. 2. Insisting on “First

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Detection & Sorting

Detection and Sorting The analysis and detection of hazardous waste (including environmental monitoring) has important significance for the safety, environmental protection, efficiency, cost and recycling utilization of hazardous waste management and treatment. As the first domestic hazardous waste disposal unit, we have nearly 30 years of experience in exploration and practice in

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GPS monitoring of transportation

Our company has Shenzhen city road dangerous cargo transportation permits and as of now we have 64 vehicles which are qualified to transport dangerous goods. These vehicles are equipped with advanced GPS running recorders and video monitoring systems. Our vehicle security was recognized by the Shenzhen transportation industry as a GPS monitoring platform three-star access

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Waste Collection

According to the requirements of the management measures for hazardous waste management, the marketing department and the hazardous waste production unit signed the waste treatment service agreement and we utilize a management system for the transfer of hazardous waste which complies with these requirements. As the result of 30 years of hard work

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Our Clients


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Qualification Certificates

Our company has many certificates: we have a Guangdong hazardous waste operation license, a state environmental protection operation certificate for our facility, a Shenzhen Municipal hazardous waste operating certificate of technical qualifications, a Shenzhen environmental protection engineering and technical qualification certificate, Shenzhen city road dangerous cargo transportation permits and a number of dangerous waste management

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